Our Innovative Double Sided Pill Organizer

Innovative Design

Meds-Pro 14-Day Double Sided Pill Organizer

The Meds-Pro 14-Day Double Sided Pill Organizer is a perfect union of form and function.  Designed with you in mind, it has more design and usage features than any other dispenser on the market today. 

Double Sided

Meds-Pro Double Sided Design

Groundbreaking double-sided design holds 2-weeks' worth of medication with 4 daily dose compartments.

Large Pull Tabs

Meds-Pro Clear Slats

Large pull tabs allow for the raising and lowering slats with ease--users pull tab out slightly to unlock & lift.

Clear Slats

Meds-Pro Removable Slats

Clear slats for easy compartment viewing, allowing the user to know which dosages have been taken and which remain.

Methodized Intervals

Meds-Pro Easy to Read Intervals

Easy to read days and intervals, ensuring that every dose is taken at the proper time.

High Capacity

Meds-Pro High Capacity Design

The Meds-Pro Pill Organizer is the highest-capacity design on the market today and can hold upwards of 1,600 pills.